Beginners Guide Promoting Your Music on Tik Tok 2020


TikTok took the world by storm in 2018 after its merger with and the fall of Vine. It’s new and innovative platform blended the ideas of Vine, Instagram, and giving creators another free platform to share their content. TikTok’s unique necessity of having a song or soundtrack attached to your video introduced a niche audience of creators and viewers to the world of social media. TikTok gives musicians an infinite number of possibilities to promote their music and, like most social media platforms, it is free to use. This article will discuss a few ways in which you can utilize TikTok in your music promotion strategy.

Why TikTok? – What Kinds of Music to Promote? – Who is on TikTok?

As mentioned before, TikTok content is normally based around a song. A TikTok creator will choose a song from the massive library available and create a short video based around said song. There have been a variety of viral dances and songs that were introduced to the world through TikTok including “In My Feelings” by Drake, “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, and “LaLaLa” by Y2K proving that the platform can boost the reach of a song. Obviously, these examples are songs by popular artists, but it is entirely possible that without TikTok these songs would have never become as popular as they are today.

As for demographics, about 41% of TikTok users are between the ages 16 and 24 making the audience relatively young. This age range is very important in choosing which songs you want to use in your TikTok promotion strategy as you need to target toward this age range. Most TikTok creators today are using rap or electronic music in their videos, but that doesn’t mean that your country song won’t also do well. As long as you are strategic about how you promote your music on the platform, any song can do well. These next 3 tips will ensure your music reaches a large audience on TikTok.

1. Get Your Music on Streaming Services

In order for your music to be used on TikTok it must first be live on either Spotify or Apple Music. There are plenty of ways to get this done, but the most efficient way would be to go through a verified distributor. Once your music is live on Spotify or Apple Music you will then have the ability to search for your song on TikTok and use it in your video. Others will also be able to find your song on TikTok giving your song unlimited reach potential.

If you do not want to go through a distributor or have your music on Spotify or Apple Music, you can also simply upload your song to TikTok alongside the video you create. This will also allow other creators to use your song, but if you do it this way there will be no links back to your Spotify or Apple Music profile so your viewers will not be able to hear your song in full, just the part you use in your TikTok video.

2. Create a Video Using Your Song

This is the most important step in marketing your music through TikTok. Once your music is available for use, you should brainstorm different ways in which you can incorporate your song into a video. TikTok is known for its viral dances and its unique memes. If you’ve choreographed a dance to your song already you can create a video with the dance in it and share it to your entire network. It can be very difficult to go viral, but if you come up with something entertaining and fun enough, your audience will flock and recreate your video with your song propelling your reach to their followers as well. One of Drake’s most popular songs, “In My Feelings,” went viral because of the “KiKi do you love me” dance craze which had people dancing next to the passenger side of a moving car. Its virality was due to a combination of the uniqueness of the dance as well as the controversy of having people dance next to their moving car. Your video does not have to be as controversial, but it does need to be unique and entertaining enough for people to want to join in.

You can also be innovative with the type of video you create. Even though these dancing videos are extremely popular, you can also create a meme video that will engage an entirely different TikTok audience. Recently people have been creating videos of them breaking a glass in their parents kitchen, which has become a viral trend. Obviously you don’t need to do something like that, but the more entertaining your video is the more likely people are going to share it or copy it. As a musician you can use your normal stage presence as your TikTok personality giving you an upper hand over someone who’s never actually engaged with an audience before.

3. Build Relationships With Other TikTok Creators

As with any marketing strategy, the network you create is just as important as the content you create. Building relationships with other TikTok creators will open a variety of doors for yourself. For one, it will allow you to collaborate and obtain a new audience that may have never found you before. You can also work with your network, create a viral TikTok idea together, post separate videos, and encourage your followers to do the same. The relationships you build on TikTok can also transfer over to other social media platforms as most TikTok creators will also be influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Building these relationships will become a major component in how your music will be spread to the masses on TikTok and beyond.


As mentioned, TikTok is a new and exciting social media platform making it the perfect place to market your music. The TikTok algorithm allows new users to gain followers easily as it places random videos on your home feed even if you do not follow the person. As a musician you need to make sure your music is at least available for TikTok creators to use. Even if you do not create the videos yourself, it is important that other creators can find and use your music if they please. If you follow these 3 simple TikTok music marketing tips you will be guaranteed to increase your following as well as increase the amount of people who hear your music.

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