Top 5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Music Independently


In the music industry today many record labels and distributors will give you the same advice over and over again on how to better market and promote your music. Generic social media marketing, social media advertising, and content marketing will only get you so far though. If you really want your music to stand out from the rest, your marketing strategies need to be as innovative and unique as your music. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, but the most important aspect to keep in mind is how much value you’re providing to your audience.

The promotional content you create on social media is likely to be the first thing that your followers look for after they’ve listened to your music and if you use paid ads effectively, they could even find your social media pages before finding your music. In order to better promote your music independently your content needs to be unique and engage as many audience members as possible. This content doesn’t always have to be about your music, but it should be strategically created to eventually promote your songs or albums while also giving your followers an idea of who you are outside of your music. This article will discuss 5 unique content ideas that musicians can use in order to better promote themselves and their music independently.

1. Create a Podcast

One of the most prominent content marketing strategies that musicians and companies are using today is podcasting. Podcasts allow the creator to talk about whatever is on their mind for hours at a time. They usually follow a format or topic, but if you have a specific niche, there is sure to be an audience willing to listen. As a musician, it’s likely that you already have a microphone and camera, but you can always use your phone to record. Creating podcasts will allow you to both discuss and promote your music in an open forum, plus it gives you a platform to talk about anything you desire.

As mentioned in the introduction, your podcast doesn’t need to only discuss music. If you enjoy cooking, exercising, or movies you can make your podcast about those topics allowing you to reach a completely different audience than you would normally. Once you’ve built an audience in that specific niche, you can then start promoting your music throughout the podcast. On the other hand, if you only want to talk about music you can bring in other musicians and bands to interview or you can create an album review podcast. As long as you create unique and engaging content, podcasts are an incredible platform to use in order to promote your music and your brand.

2. Create Content About Your Second Passion or Hobby

As mentioned in the podcasting section, you should be creating content about more than just your music. If you look at the top musicians’ social media profiles, their posts are rarely ever about their music unless they have a big release or an upcoming tour. Obviously when you first start you need to create an identity as a musician so you should be producing consistent content about music, but as you begin to grow you should also begin to branch out.

One way to go about doing this would be to create entirely separate social media profiles for your second passion. This would give you the opportunity to build an entirely new audience that enjoys the same things that you do. If you do create separate accounts it is important to provide your audience with value so that they are more subconsciously inclined to help you in the future. For example, If you love cooking, create a cooking Instagram page where you teach people how to cook your favorite meals. You may be asking, “where does my music promotion come in here?” Well, once you’ve built an audience on these separate accounts you can then promote your music and the social media accounts that you’ve created for your music. It is guaranteed that if you have provided some sort of value to this audience, some, if not most, will follow your music page or at least give you a listen.

3. Write Blogs

If you’ve created a website for your music, which you should have, one of the most efficient strategies to get people to find your website is through blogging. Writing about your favorite topics can be a great way for people to better understand who you are as a musician and a person. These blogs do not have to be technical or complex, but they should be unique and relevant to what your audience is searching for. There are a variety of SEO techniques that can assist you in better promoting your blogs, but for now you should simply create content that you enjoy as well as create content that will provide others with value. For example, if you recently bought a new instrument you can write a blog post reviewing the specs, the pros and cons, and the reason you bought it. Something like this could land you a spot on the first couple of pages of Google search results for people searching for the same instrument and if they decide to click on your blog post it is likely that they will continue browsing around your website and find your music. A few more examples of blog posts you can write include writing about your life as a musician, your story, your love for music, how you record, your favorite instruments, etc. Again, the key here is to be sure you are providing value to your readers. The more you write the more likely your website and your music will be discovered.

4. Create YouTube Videos

Similar to creating a podcast about your music or your favorite hobbies, you should also incorporate YouTube videos into your music promotion strategy. Similar to the second section of this article, these videos could either incorporate your music career or they could be about a hobby that you enjoy. A great example of someone who has successfully used this strategy is Jared Dines on YouTube. He created a variety of videos about music, from “the types of people you see at guitar center” to “the top 10 easiest riffs,” plus his videos are engaging, entertaining, and enjoyable all around. Years after building an audience, Jared Dines began to promote his own music to his subscribers, propelling his music career while allowing him to tour with his own band as well as build relationships with other musicians, bands, and brands. You can create vlog style videos, lifestyle videos, guitar tutorials, or anything else that you feel your audience may enjoy, and no matter what types of videos you create be sure you are unique and innovative in your brainstorming process.

5. Get Your Fans Involved

The final unique way to promote your music independently is to get your fans involved in the process. The most effective promotion strategy to this day, especially in the music industry, is word-of-mouth marketing. In basic terms, this means getting people to talk about your music with their friends and families. One incredibly easy way to accomplish this is to get your fans involved in your content creation process. If you are creating a music video you can ask your followers to send you a clip of them singing along or you can even ask them to stand in as extras in your shoot. Any music fan would be ecstatic to be included in a music video or photo shoot, no matter the size of the artist. If you invite 30 of your followers to be in your music video, it is guaranteed that they will share the video with their friends and family once it is released. This is the epitome of word-of-mouth marketing.

Another way to get your fans involved would be to create a contest on social media. Word-of-mouth marketing does not always need a face to face conversation, it can also be utilized on social media through the tagging of accounts. One of the most widely used contest strategies on Instagram in particular is to give something away for free to a follower as long as they follow you and tag 3 of their friends in your post. This way you gain some followers, you increase the reach of your post, and you gain an array of potential new listeners in the process. Involving your fans in some way, either on social media or in real life, will allow you to build better relationships with your audience and gain some new followers along the way.


There are a variety of ways to promote your music today, but if you are not unique and innovative you will never stand out from the crowd. The content you create across your social media platforms and your website will give you an upper hand on the competition, allowing you to find new followers and expand the reach of your music. Creating podcasts, creating content about your second hobby, writing blogs, recording YouTube videos, and getting your fans involved in your promotion are all great starts, but there are thousands of other unique ways to promote your music. If you are creative and innovative enough, your music is guaranteed to be heard.

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