Islando Pau

Case Study

Islando Pau is an upcoming rapper/musician from Kenya. He previously recorded one song, but did not have the capacity to publish his song on SoundCloud or YouTube, plus he was not promoting any of his content on social media. GrowYourSound created social media accounts for Islando Pau on SoundCloud, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allowing him to better promote his music. In a matter of days his YouTube channel grew 1200%, his SoundCloud song was listened to numerous times, and his social media platforms began to rise. Grow Your Sound is currently working with Islando Pau to continually grow his following on social media and increase his ability to be heard by the masses.


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“Hello its just awsome to what matt has just done for me….I am Pau upcoming musician from Kenya i met mat on facebook and i just requested for his help to raise me …..he has just helped me market my mp3 …..thanks a lot matt may God bless you more….according to me i come from a humble background in Nakuru, Kenya I live with my nana coz grandy past …..hope i will grow with matts help and he will be my mentor in my life”

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