Music Distribution Marketing

The adoption of streaming into the world of music changed the way people listen forever. Our music distribution marketing campaigns will give you a platform propel your album release and find new fans.

What is Music Distribution Marketing

Have you ever wondered how the top musicians are placed on the most popular playlists across Spotify, Soundcloud, ITunes, and other music streaming platforms or how they’ve gotten their songs featured on popular YouTuber’s videos? Or how their album release marketing strategies blow superbowl commercials out of the water? Their popularity plays a part, but as more and more musicians release music the likelihood for you and your music to become distributed across these platforms becomes laborious. Our campaigns ensure you will be heard. We can assist with the distribution of your music to a wider and more engaging audience.

How Can It Impact You?

Music distribution marketing allows you to be discovered by potential fans who may have otherwise never heard your music before. More people than ever are shuffling their music through a variety of fan made playlists and it is more important than ever for your music to be included on these streaming services and platforms. The more public platforms and playlists your songs and newly released album are featured on, the more likely you are to be discovered by fans around the world. With over 271 million active users on Spotify monthly, 175 million on SoundCloud, and 60 million on Apple Music it is extremely important for your music to be recognized and promoted across all streaming services. We will not only assist you in getting your music on each of these platforms, we will also propel your career by assisting you to become featured on some of the most prominent and popular playlists.

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I don’t know where streaming will go in the future. The analytics that we’re seeing tell us that streaming is the next thing, and downloads are going down. I feel like with the history of this platform, from vinyl to where we are now, it just seems like the next logical step.


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